Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Sew and tell Feb 28th 2019

Elly made this great charity quilt from fabrics donated by Adrienne

Close up of Elly's charity quilt

Mariners Compass quilt also made by Elly

Close up of Elly's Mariners Compass

Elly's beautiful thread work

Close up of Elly's thread work

Close up 2 of thread work

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Sew and Tell, Tuesday 26th February 2019

The Night Group made this lovely Healing Hearts quilt, in her favourite colours, for Robyn, who joined us for supper. We hope Robyn can feel the love put into every stitch.

Rhonda B made this colourful quilt that has great movement in the design, for the Palliative Care Unit at our local hospital. Our Group makes quilts so every patient may select which quilt they want on their bed and the family may choose to keep the quilt if they wish.

The back of Rhonda's quilt is as colourful as the front, and she has made great use of left-overs. We doubt that it has even made a dint in her scrap box.
Not content with one quilt for Palliative Care, Rhonda has made a second one using that very useful and quick Stack and Slash pattern.

You can see the fireworks but unfortunately you can't hear the brass band that helped the Night Group celebrate Erica's significant '0' birthday. That looks suspiciously like Barbara's famous strawberry pavlova rolls or is it a wonderful strawberry cake. Not only can our girls make great quilts but they are not bad cooks either. Barbara (L) of pavlova roll fame and Meredith (R) crib quilt maker extraordinaire, offered moral support. Am I the only one who thinks Erica's top would be the basis of a great quilt design? 

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Who's got a secret?

'Someone' had a special morning tea, birthday cake, flowers and cards organised by the Day Group to surprise her on a special birthday - and she thought she was going to spend the day teaching an in-house workshop! Well, she managed to do that as well - talk about talented!
Despite being taken aback by the surprise, 'She' still had enough breath to blow out the candles.
And what a lucky girl - a sack full of  'money' to either put on Lotto - or on the hips!